martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009


I'm more than just
You're average girl
I'd like to turn me up
And show the world

Cause some can talk the talk
This girl just wants to rock
I'm individual
I'm not like anyone

I can be glamorous
Just like you see in all the magazines
I can be cool as ice
Or anything I want to be

Who said, who said I can't be Superman
I say, I say that I know I can
Who said, who said I won't be President
I say, I say you ain't seen nothin' yet

Go on and make some noise
Every girl has a choice
To lead their own parade
I do it my way

I can be soft and sweet
Or louder than the radio (radio)
I can be sophisticated
Or totally go (totally go) out of control

There's no holdin' back
Stayin' right on track
Cause you control the game
So let them know your name

No limitations on imagination
Imagine that

Who said, who said I can't be worldwide
I say, I say time is on my side
Who said, who said i can't be ten feet tall
I say, I say that i can have it all...

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